Our experience with Stonegate Global has been nothing short of outstanding. Uniquely, Stonegate has exceeded our expectations with both the quality and alacrity of their work. And this characterization is not the simple reflection of one individual, but of literally every single individual at the firm with whom we have had the pleasure of interacting.

In an extremely competitive industry such as money management, it is truly an asset of great value to have a “silent partner” with the attention to detail and the crisp sense of urgency that Team Stonegate has given us. That is the result of insightful and dynamic leadership.

In the fund formation process, their process has been efficient and succinct, capturing relevant information through a time-tested and refined process that eliminates wasted time or resources.

In the Fund Administration business, they have been profoundly flexible in allowing us to customize their services to our needs and desires, and in that process, they make us look better and smarter than we otherwise would appear without them.

In short, Stonegate is solutions-driven with excellence and efficiency in the fabric of everything they do. That makes for a great partnership and for lasting professional relationships.

JS, Chief Investment Officer & Chief Financial Officer - HLG Capital Management

Our firm is a very satisfied client of Stonegate Global Fund Services. As a portfolio manager, part of my role is to assess the risks of, and extract value from, each investment that we make.

Retaining a firm to handle complex global professional services requires a significant investment on the part of the fund manager. The Fund’s entire business rests in their hands… including the investment manager’s career and reputation with their investors. This investment is over and above the fees that are paid to the service provider.

The investment manager is completely reliant on the formation and administration service providers to execute on the fund formation project and for the ongoing fund administration and shareholder services.

Our relationship with Stonegate has mitigated the risks associated with execution on these fronts. Partnering with Stonegate has provided an immeasurable rate of return to RP Capital Management.

VM, Chief Investment Officer & Managing Partner - RP Capital Management

We couldn’t be happier with our relationship with Stonegate Global Fund Services. We retained Stonegate Global a couple of years ago to establish and structure our offshore master feeder hedge fund.

Stonegate simplified the process of writing our offering documents and establishing the fund. They helped the AG Growth Fund team cut through tons of research and time we would have otherwise needed to do to run our business.

We have continued using Stonegate’s fund administration services and are pleased with the comprehensive solution.

RM, President & Chief Investment Officer - AG Investments

We have been a client of Stonegate for a number of years, and Stonegate’s team never ceases to amaze when our firm has a need. Their level of intelligence and experience in a complex industry is unmatched.

They have assisted our firm with everything from hedge fund formation, to state investment advisory registration, fund administration and prime brokerage services.

Stonegate provides a customized, comprehensive institutional solution for each of their clients and couple their solution with high touch and responsive client service at a professionally acceptable price.

Their business model aligns their interest with those of their clients, and they strive to help their fund clients grow their AUM and their business.

I can’t stress enough how invaluable our relationship with Stonegate has been. We would clearly recommend Stonegate to any investment manager that is looking to establish a fund.

MH, President & Chief Investment Officer - HA Management